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General Information

626 LX
winning silver metallic
sunroof, a/c, cruise
Bought her as a winter car to save my turbocharged Protege back in August 2013. (Sold the Protege in October 2014 lol)

After I got her home and replaced a bunch of parts for safety (went overboard, control arms, calipers ect lol), I realized she was in GREAT shape for being a Canadian car, let alone from Ontario.

Since then I've put some effort and money into her.
1991 Mazda 626 LX (winning silver metallic)


-3.25" short ram intake w/ black spectre filter & 4" fresh air tube (SCREAMS at 5k lol)

-0.125" larger diameter front pipe

-2.25" mandrel exhaust with Magnaflow cat/resonator and Walker QuietFlow SS muffler (I had a 3 chamber flowmaster on, but was too loud)

-Wrinkle black valve cover

I still have yet to increase base timing and adjust cam/crank timing to 3.57 degrees
-Grant wood steering wheel

-C's short shifter w/ BJ Protege taupe shift knob and leather boot

-Custom 3 DIN insert containing:

-Dual VDO gauges oil pressure and vac/boost

-JVC bluetooth CD player w/ apple connection in glove box, and bluetooth mic tucked up to the sun visor

-Pop out cupholders from Hyundai

I still have to source out OEM floor mats, otherwise the interior is complete.
-91 MX6 GT grill

-88 tails with amber removed

-16" Protege5 wheels

-OEM mudflaps

-new front bumper

Plans are to source/make rocker cover/skirts, and a rear lip followed by a fresh paint job.
-JVC deck with bluetooth

-OEM subwoofer under passengers seat

-Stock speakers are working strong still!

I'm not a "ICE" guy lol, clear sound and a bit of bass is all I want
-Eibach sportline springs

-KYB struts, mounts, boots, stops

-Polyurethane endlink bushings

-New front control arms

-GT rear strut brace

I still have GT front/rear sway bars, tie bar and a custom front strut bar to go on still after they're painted.
Wheel and Tire
16" Protege5 wheels (straight spoke)
195/50R16 tires that came on it lol

Plans are 205/50R16 to improve speedo accuracy and MPG.



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