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  1. General Automotive
    Hello, I recently purchased the aforementioned truck and the first thing I did was buy the Shop Manual. Please note that I am not a mechanic or have much experience fixing or working on cars. I have done some engine work with my father but nothing too intense. On that note, I'm having issues...
  2. General Automotive
    Was driving to town the other day, been on the road maybe 10 miles and a quiet tick started coming from engine compartment. I thought it would work itself out like usual but this time the volume of the noise went up enough to make me pull over and get truck towed back home. It didn't overheat, I...
  3. B-Series Truck
    Hi, I currently have a dobinson suspension lift on my b2500 but since the suspension has been lifted so high up, almost to the maximum, it does not have much room and is really stiff, and has even caused some parts in the suspension to break. I was thinking of dropping the suspension and putting...
1-3 of 3 Results