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  1. B-Series Truck
    Cant find one online....what is the relay called (right side of radiator in wiring harness) that triggers the 3 way switch on firewall that acivates the throttle solenoid? Is the relay just that: Generic 12V relay? Mine has lost its cover and is exposed and rusty. Intermittant operation...holds...
  2. B-Series Truck
    Some jerk tried to steal my 1985 B2000. They busted up the whole assembly on the steering wheel. I have found it impossible to find either new or used ignition parts that fit. I need the ignition switch with the correct connectors on the wires (I don't want to re-wire the whole dash if I can...
  3. General Automotive
    If anyone has any leads on a steering wheel hub adapter for a 1986 b2000 that isn't what I suspect as a knock off Momo one from amazon. I'm trying to upgrade to a better steering wheel and a quick release due to theft of cars in my area and just for the atheistic as well. NRG has one for the...
1-3 of 3 Results