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  1. B-Series Truck
    i’ve been looking into getting a mazda b2000 and i’m wondering if it would be possible to swap in a 4g63t from a mitsubishi evo? i know it would be a lot of fab work and electrical work but i’m just wondering about other peoples opinions on even thinking about looking into this swap. like what...
  2. General Automotive
    Anyone out there have a wiper motor and/or windshield wiper linkage for a 1984 Mazda B2000 pickup?
  3. General Automotive
    I've got a body-dropped 1993 B2000 that I'm looking for another B2000 frame for, current frame has effed up bag mounts, and the 4-link got redone by someone who tried to fix things that aren't broken... Was looking around, and was wondering if I had any options other than strictly a B2 frame...
  4. B-Series Truck
    Cant find one online....what is the relay called (right side of radiator in wiring harness) that triggers the 3 way switch on firewall that acivates the throttle solenoid? Is the relay just that: Generic 12V relay? Mine has lost its cover and is exposed and rusty. Intermittant operation...holds...
  5. B-Series Truck
    Some jerk tried to steal my 1985 B2000. They busted up the whole assembly on the steering wheel. I have found it impossible to find either new or used ignition parts that fit. I need the ignition switch with the correct connectors on the wires (I don't want to re-wire the whole dash if I can...
  6. General Automotive
    If anyone has any leads on a steering wheel hub adapter for a 1986 b2000 that isn't what I suspect as a knock off Momo one from amazon. I'm trying to upgrade to a better steering wheel and a quick release due to theft of cars in my area and just for the atheistic as well. NRG has one for the...
1-6 of 6 Results