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  1. B-Series Truck
    My 2002 B2300 has an ongoing issue with the gear shift, it has been worked on 3 times and engine will currently only turn over in neutral. Movement of the shift bar makes a crunchy sound and never really locks into a position. I've had these notes from mechanics over 4 years: GEAR SHIFTER NOT...
  2. B-Series Truck
    My fuel pump stopped working while driving. I have: Checked relay and fuse Pushed inertia button Replaced fuel pump A week before the issue the fuel cap light came on the dash no other warning signs. Any advice? Please and Thank you!
  3. B-Series Truck
    Hello, everyone! I am new to this forum but have owned B-Series trucks since around 1993. I currently have a 2004 SE that needs some headliner work.The worst area is at the top of the windshield. Multiple attempts to glue it have all resulted in it eventually peeling off again. I have decided to...
  4. B-Series Truck
    My 2004 Mazda B2300 Reg Cab Copper Color 2wd Which I bought brand new, was stolen from in front of my house in South East Los Angeles Friday November 20th 2020 at about 6:30 AM. I am offering $1000 dollar reward for it's return intact and running like it was when it was stolen. This is...
1-4 of 4 Results