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  1. Electronics
    I'd love to turn off some of the safety features to actually allow for a passenger to operate my head unit. My wife has a 2019 Pilot and it's like having an iPad at your fingers in the dash... at all times, because we're adults. Can anyone assist with info on this? Located in US / MA / North of...
  2. CX-5
    Hello folks, My cx-5 2018 front emblem was stolen. I got a new one with the bracket and secure clip. I have no idea where the clip should go. I need help with the installation, all ideas are welcome, thank you.
  3. Wheel & Tire Section
    I will be in the market soon for tires for my ‘18 cx5. The factory tires were awful for snow traction, I am looking for recommendation for tires with good traction in snow for front wheel drive.
1-3 of 3 Results