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  1. General Automotive
    Hello, I recently purchased the aforementioned truck and the first thing I did was buy the Shop Manual. Please note that I am not a mechanic or have much experience fixing or working on cars. I have done some engine work with my father but nothing too intense. On that note, I'm having issues...
  2. General Automotive
    I'm posting my experience on here so that others who may be having the same issue as myself can hopefully learn from my mistakes and experience. I understand there are other threads touching on this topic. But this is simply my individual experience which I think others can take away some...
  3. General Automotive
    Hi all, just pulled my pistons and rods to check and change bearings. I cannot find a size on the bearing, the only stamped details I can find are D1E E, there is also chill what I'm guessing is manufacturers stamp of 3 circles inside each other with a line across the middle one. Any idea if...
1-3 of 3 Results