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  1. Classic Mazdas
    Hi, I'm relatively new to classic motoring but have amature experience in general. The "Can-Type" ignition coil arcs intermittently when driving, and occurs more often when driving around a city for example (I assume related to something overheating). The arcing of this ignition coil directly...
  2. 323 / Protegé / Protegé5
    Hello, I have mazda 323 sedan year 1998. I did engine swap. I had 1.3 liter i have 1.6 liter engine from mazda 323 year 2002. I did swap engine,transmission, pcm with immo, whole front panel. All wiring etc. I did make grave mistake. I put wrong toothbelt which caused detonation in...
1-2 of 2 Results