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  1. MPV
    Hey we just bought a 92 mpv, I'm trying to figure out a seat issue. Of course the second the previous owner got it he threw the seats away in a dumpster so now we are trying to find seats. Got a back bench off our old 98 from the junk yard but the 98 came with buckets and the 92 had the smaller...
  2. MPV
    Hi my mazda mpv cuts out of power when turning right it recently started doing it after I changed the battery we took it to our local mechanic but he doesn't know what the problem is does anyone know what the problem is please
  3. MPV
    Hi, I had to replace the EVAP system of my Mazda MPV 2004 ES, but now the ODB2 scanner tells me that the EVAP is UNREADY, and thus I have to perform a specific drive cycle. I found these pages: 3c257df7-dd4e-4729-994b-86c6c790e834_drive+cycle+mazda.pdf about the EVAP specific part, but it's...
1-3 of 3 Results