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  1. Classic Mazdas
    A friend borrowed my 2002 B2300 and returned it with grill assembly destroyed, left front blinker gone and minor but annoying hood damage. He says he hit a deer but who knows. Yesterday in 18 degree weather there was a 5-6 second delay before the truck actually engaged and moved and it did so...
  2. Mazda3
    *Some of the links in other languages use chrome translation for text and ocr for pictures. I have a Skyactive Mazda 3 that has fw6ael which is very similar transmission to Toyota U660 , I have 5 questions 1- are ws , fz and dexron vi interchangeable ? I asked the redline: “At the...
  3. Mazda3
    hello ,we are a group of mazda 3,6,cx 3,5,30 owners live in extreme hot , dusty environment with an average temperature 109 °F. and the owner manual doesn't have any hot countries and we have few questions after i have read alot of discussions 1- we compared ATFs and found that mz-fz is fully...
1-3 of 3 Results