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i have 2 set of control arms both with new ball joints and clips installed. problem is the ball joint has a little bit of play in the socket.between the clip and the control arm. so how do i fix this i have tried different control arms from junkyard. same result i even got a more expensive balljoint and it still has my question is can i weld them in place like 3 spot welds nothing major just 3 quick tacks that could easily ground off.dont give me any crap here i just want to know if it can be not a idiot i know it has to be done fast not to heat it up.i have one of the best 04 mazda3 hatchbacks out there .it has a 2015 ford fusion 2.5 with 17000 miles .the car has 192000 with all new suspension and rims and many upgrads.only issue is these darn balljoints. i feel them lift and settle when i get on gas hard.and i feel them moving going over bumps.i just want to know has anyone else ran into this issue
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