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1986 B2000 - Will not restart

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I rebuilt the engine on my 1986 B2000 and things worked well for the first few hundred miles.

Now, the engine starts, but once it is shut off, it will not restart until it has sat for some length of time.
The engine turns over, there is plenty of fuel at the Rock Auto rebuilt carb (yes, I later learned that replacing the original carb with a Weber should have been the direction.)
I replaced the coil with a new Mallory coil I had laying around, but this did not change anything.
The distributor was replaced a few years prior to the engine rebuild.

The rebuilt carb does leak at the dust boot around the accelerator pump. I assume it is the seal at the end of the plunger thing.

Any insights into a possible solution would be greatly appreciated.
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Here is my shotgun approach.
I had an 84-B2000. slightly different but, these were some of my dramas.

you could have vapor lock.--- a fuel line is close to an exhaust pipe or a hot engine part and while the engine is off the fuel boils and you have a lump of air that wont move.
new fuel pump maybe? if electric it might be a fuel pressure problem force more fuel into the engine than its designed to handle. thereby flooding the engine while its off.
AND since you are already seeing a problem with the rebuild carb, you may have a leak in the float seat and again, your flooding the engine while it sits idle.
Next time you have this problem, pull a spark plug to see if its wet.

Good luck
Thanks, Bob.

The exhaust system is on the opposite side of the engine as the fuel lines and fuel pump, and the fuel pump is mechanical, not electrical. I believe I replaced the fuel pump when I rebuilt the engine.

I will check a spark plug.

Sounds like the starter is cranking the engine fine, that the engine just won't re-start when the engine is still hot.

I say the thing to do is to check for spark. Use a helper or a start switch tool to crank the engine, and use a spark test tool or pull a plug wire to check for spark. Of course, the starting fluid sprayed into the air cleaner test can readily isolate whether the issue is spark or fuel related.

Recently, I had a bad module inside my distributor on my '88 B2200, was working intermittently. At first I just substituted a part from a used distributor into my distributor to confirm, then just bought an aftermarket distributor. See this topic 1988 B2200 Cranks but won't start
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