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Last week my wife got the 929 in little accident and she ruind the front and rearbumper(cover)
Also the rightfog, headlight and the two left rearlights are gone.

The lights are already ordered at various people at ebay, but I can't find the bumper(covers)

I have tree options

1: Order F+R cover @ mazda for the 95 model :
FRONT COVER 95 HG82-50-031 $719,50
REAR COVER 95 HG405-50-221 $775,70

2: Order F+R cover @ mazda for the 92-94 models:
COVER 92-94 HG30-50-030 $248,90
REAR COVER 92-94 HG30-50-221A $341,75

3: Buy a complete body kit @
F+R+S bodyparts complete for JYEN :178000 approx. EUR. 1000

But I cant find any mailing address at the site. I want to know if I can order the kit, and will they ship tot Europe (I live in The Netherlands, Europe)

Can some tell me the differences in the 92-94 bumpercovers and the 95 model ? I used the OEM Mazda catalog and the 95 model has many differences in partnumbers, but I've used many non-95 parts and they always fitted.

Does anyone know where and how I can contact ?

ohh btw, what would you guys do ?


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