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I've been having this issue for a long time with my son's car: check engine light is on and gives codes 2227- Barometric pressure sensor, and 2144-EGR Vent Control Circuit Low. I replaced the EGR valve last year because it was sticking but the codes persist. We noticed that on a cool day with a full tank of gas it will sometimes turn off the light, and I was able to get the emissions test done. We've checked the wiring into the EGR valve and the vacuum solenoids, which all seem to be okay.
Someone posted a list of potential problems that included Bad Fuel Cap, which I had also replaced. But if the fuel cap could be a problem, so could other evaporative control components. I turned an old fuel cap into a pressure tester and found that the Evap system does not hold any pressure, which vents through the Evap air filter. If I plug the air filter outlet, it will hold pressure (but won't let me fill the tank with gas), and adds P-Code 2040.
Is there anything besides the EVAP system leak detection pump that could cause that problem? I don't see any way to replace that pump without pulling the tank.
Any ideas on how to proceed? I need to get the check engine light off to pass emissions inspection.
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