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Hey, folks! Hoping you all can help me out since MPVClub is gone. Wife and daughters were driving home about an hour ago and the O/D Off light started blinking, and the gear indicator on the dashboard stopped indicating what gear they were in (i.e., no box around the D when in Drive.) Wife pulled into center turn lane and shifted to Park and turned the engine off, then restarted. Still no gear indication, and wife couldn't shift from Park, with brake depressed. She called me, and I talked her through popping the little access door off the top of the steering column so she could press the release to allow her to shift from P. She did and made it safely home, another 2.5 miles or so.

I pulled codes and they are indicated in the title. P0706 indicates the transmission range sensor / neutral safety switch is operating "out of range." To me this fits with the fact that the PRND32 stopped indicating a gear. The computer got confused, I guess. P0500 is a vehicle speed sensor problem. I am thinking that code was probably thrown because the VSS was sending data to the computer that conflicted with the data from the TRS/NSS - that is, that they were driving down the road at speed while the TRS/NSS was saying they weren't in Drive. The OD Off light flashing generically indicates a transmission problem.

The local O'Reilly has the TRS/NSS in-stock so I'm thinking I'll replace it tomorrow. Several years ago I had a 2001 MPV and had a similar problem (though it was caused by the stupid t-split radiator hose slowly leaking coolant and dripping directly on the TRS/NSS), and while it never through and OBD codes the gear indicator acted similarly - with no box around the gear you were in, or intermittent flickering of the gear indication. The routing of the cable on this TRS down the side of the transy, then around and up to where it plugs into the wiring harness is fairly ridiculous. I am thinking I'll plug the new TRS in first and make sure it sends a gear indication to the computer that shows up on the dashboard...if it does then I will mount it and route the cable in a more accessible way than they did at the factory.

So, am I thinking about this right? Should I be looking for anything else?
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