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Has anyone successfully replaced the TPMS sensors on their Mazda 3? We starting having sensors fail, so when we did tires we had the shop replace all 4 sensors. They said that after we drive for 15min at 11+ mph, or such, they would relearn and the light would go out.

After about a week we took it back as the light was still on, they determined that one of the sensors they installed was the wrong kind, and sent us on our way with the same 15min, 11+mph story.

After taking it on the highway for 15+min at well more then the required 11mph, I still have a light.

I can find that you put the car in relearn mode by turning the ignition to on, and then off and waiting 15min.

I feel like there is more to the story about how to get the system to learn the new sensors.....

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