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Hi guys, I picked up a 2011 Tribute just for the winter but decided to keep it, but the lights, like my earlier 05, are borderline unsafe. It doesn't throw much light down the road. The lens are clear by the way. My old Explorer and my wife's older Edge both have great stock lighting and if I can get the Tribute to have lighting as good as the Explorer or Edge I'd be thrilled.

This generation has reflector headlights and I wonder if putting in drop-in LED replacements would improve the lighting. This car also has fog/driving lights which also do little (the 05 had very effective driving lights) so my second question is whether anyone has removed the fog light lenses and installed some real driving lights. If any has, a link to what you used would be great.

I would put driving lights in the grille, but they would bock the transmission cooler which is something I most definitely do not want to do.

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