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2012 CX-5 Headlight globe removal issues

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Hi all,

Just putting out there in the hope that someone has come across this before.
I have a 2012 CX-5 GT Petrol and my passenger side headlight has blown. I have attempted to remove the old light so I can see what one I need to order but it seems to be caught with I pull it out (after I disconnect the harness and do the quarter turn to release). It starts to come out, but then appears to be caught and from the outside of the car I can see the moving section of the light move as I try pull it out. I'm not going to force it as who knows what will happen.
Has anyone come across this before?
Pictures to help explain what I mean.
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I've done a search in the forum, online and on a YouTube but I can't find anything about this.
Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately, you cannot change only bulb, this type have to replace whole headlamp assembly.
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