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There’s a baby on the way, and it’s time to trade in that prized sports car.

You know, the sports car that sits on blocks on the driveway more than it’s actually driven. Once a baby arrives, you can’t really justify walking a mile to the grocery store in scorching heat because the firing order hasn’t been sorted yet. It’s time to become a grown up and get a reliable vehicle with some space in it.

But the money tree in the backyard hasn’t matured yet, and the thought of being relegated to the minivan lane of life is cringe-worthy. So what to do? Well, a new wave of practical, little crossovers is invading the market.

Vehicles like the 2016 Honda HR-V and 2016 Mazda CX-3. Based on their company’s respective subcompact cars, the HR-V and CX-3 represent a new league of small crossovers that we first got a taste of with the Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.
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