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Dear forum,
I had Mazda showroom(401Dixie Mazda) put in a new battery in December 2019 (in Toronto) under warranty which again died in February (in Toronto). Mazda refused to replace the battery for free and I purchased a new battery from CAA at that time. However, that battery died in April 2020(in Ottawa) when I had the battery replaced by CAA under warranty. Now, today the battery was down again. And the CAA technician said that something in the car is discharging the battery and asked us to tell Mazda service to run a diagnostic test.
I and my wife are pretty good about switching off lights inside and outside the car.

We are puzzled and intend to ask the service people at Mazda next time we go there. My hypothesis is that cold weather played a part. But has anyone encountered repeated battery discharge issues with 2016 Mazda 3?
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