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2018 CX-5 diff & t-case gear oil

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Does anyone know a good place in Canada to buy this Mazda specific SG1 gear oil? Dealer wants $50+tax per liter, what's with that!? A high grade synthetic 75w90 is 1/3 that price.
Dealer also wants $120 to do the rear diff, plus $120 to do the transfer case. It's 20 minutes of work. Hoping I can find the SG1 gear oil for $30

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Whoa? In it shows currently not available due covid, so o went straight to a mazda dealer here in lower mainland, bc, this thing is there. Its $39 each bottle (you need 2) plus 4 new differential gaskets at $2.99 each oh well i paid like $102(canadian) tax included. Ima diy this job but still costs me a lot. Urgggg..
This is expensive, but much less expensive than replacing a t-case.

Not sure what makes the oil so unique? If I knew 75w90 was required and I could find it for less aftermarket I would be on that.
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