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2018 Mazda3 GT head unit restarting

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Hi everyone,

I bought this vehicle used with 53000 miles, now has 77,000. I drive about 1500 miles per month. It is out of bumper to bumper warranty.

The head unit has increasingly been shutting down and restarting. It seems like some kind of reset or update would be worth doing but not sure how to do that.

I’m wondering if that would be related to the following problem: Sometimes while I’m driving a couple lights on the dash come up and then after a few minutes disappear. I think they are the lane departure light and possibly the adaptive cruise or crash avoidance light. Last year several lights came up on the dash and never went away, dealer scanned and got a code saying to replace a certain computer, which seemed to fix the problem. That was under warranty though, and this problem is more intermittent.
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Hi ;)
you can disconnect torn off the battery or change the original unit can use some options like this :cool:
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