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Hi all,

My 2019 Mazda 2 (Toyota Yaris) has begun experiencing electrical issues. On cold (<30F) Kansas mornings, my garage-kept car will start normally and drive. After about 15 minutes of driving, nearly all dashboard lights illuminate, the start/stop button blink orange, all sensors (speed, rpm, air temp) go blank, and power steering goes out. If it warms during the day, the car will eventually start and drive like nothing is wrong. If it remains cold, the car will refuse to start, all lights will remain on/blinking and jump starting does not help.

I first bought a new battery to rule that out, but the problem persists. It appears to be temperature dependent and an electrical issue. I’ve brought the car to Toyota several times and they too are at a complete loss. I’m hoping to gain some insight from any helpful Mazda owners who may have experienced the same thing.

Thank you!
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