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Is your non turbo CX-5 using oil ?

2021 CX-5 base model oil consumption

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Hello, I see that some of the Turbo models are using oil. Are many people having issues with the base model skyactive engine? Mine uses some oil and the dealer says a 2021 oil consuming oil is common :rolleyes:. It doesn't appear to burn oil. If it's passing at the valve stems, where does it go from there? I like the CX5, but hope this is corrected. :)
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If the oil is passing at the valve stems then the oil is being burned. Don't expect to notice anything like blue smoke out the exhaust from such a small amount of oil. Mine is a 2021 Turbo and it does use some oil. I change the oil every 5k miles; at 2500 miles after a change I'm typically down maybe a little less than 1/3 of a quart. I top it off at that time and when 5k miles comes around it's down again but I'm changing it anyhow so I'm only really adding about 10 oz.of oil between changes. I can live with that. My Low Oil light has never come on and I don't expect it to as long as I keep an eye on the level. I've got a little over 18k miles on it now; consumption does not appear to have changed since it was new.

If there ever is a recall or service campaign to replace the valve seals I would be somewhat hesitant to have it done. This would be a major ordeal for most dealer service departments to handle and one can only imagine they would attempt to train one or two of their less-experienced techs to hastily perform this procedure.
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Hi JB, You make a good point about the labor required to rebuild all these engines :unsure:. thank you . :)
:(my oil consumption seems to get worse over time . Is this happening to anyone else ?
Mine is about to hit the 32,000 mile mark and I see no change in oil consumption. What has changed is there's now an official Mazda TSB on replacing the defective exhaust valve stem seals under the powertrain warranty. What hasn't changed is my apprehension on having this procedure done especially after reading thru the 53 page document on what is involved in performing it. I'm only a backyard mechanic, but this appears to me to be quite an undertaking. TSB attached...


How much oil is the OP’s engine using? This is an industry-wide issue, many modern engines by Honda, Toyota, Ford and others have what some consider to be high oil consumption; some makers consider as much as one quart in 800 miles to be normal. Mazda’s value for the 2021 models states that eight quarts in 10,000 miles is normal.

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