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Check engine light came on the other night followed by a little slip in the gear when I started accelerating.
Only happened once, but the light has stayed on.
For the past couple weeks, car (2001 protege) has been hesitating when I put it in drive. Seems like the gear is taking an extra second to slip into place.
Took it to get the OBD2 codes read and it popped up with these 4 codes:

(1/4) Random misfire detected DTC severity 2 of 3

(2/4) Warm up TWC efficiency bank 1 below threshold

(3/4) Early fuel evaporation heater circuit

(4/4) Intake manifold turning valve control circuit / Open - Bank 1

Don’t know too much about these cars, haven’t had any issues with it besides a blown radiator last year.
Hoping someone has seen similar codes before and knows what might be causing it.
Even if you don’t know, any suggestions would be extremely helpful because I don’t even know where to start.
Car still runs fine, but I wanna get it taken care of as soon as possible

Thanks in advance!!
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