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I was driving back to school today after grabbing some dinner when I came upon a traffic bottleneck. Wondering what could be causing the holdup, I sat in the Civic enjoying my usual classic rock station until I saw...the horror.

At first, I thought it was just the Lumina's front end that had been damaged; no big loss there. But then I saw the rear end of the Protege, probably a new one (2001 or so), and I was heartbroken. The entire bumper had been crushed, lifting up and knocking out both jeweled taillights before crunching the decklid in half.

Boy, I hate to see nice cars in bad accidents, especially when the victim is a car I'd someday like to own. Luckily, both parties appeared to be okay, which is good.

But that sucked!

hondaboy :D - yes, I still want a Protege
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