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Ac question

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I have a 2008 Mazda cx9 and the ac compressor does not kick on. I found a blown fuse and replace it the other ac fuse was good as well as the ac relay.any ideas as to what I can check next? Could the compressor be locked up if so would this have caused the ac fuse to blow? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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1. Engine off, put a wrench on the center of the AC compressor drive plate, and see if you can rotate the compressor clockwise. There should be a little resistance, but should not be locked up. If compressor is locked up, you're looking at minimum) of new compressor, new condenser, new drier, back-flushing out the AC lines from the drier to the compressor with solvent.

2. If compressor is not locked up, maybe the R134a has leaked out enough where there is insufficient pressure to activate the pressure switch to "close" the circuit to the AC compressor. Read the low side and high side pressures, post those.

3. Whatever you do, do NOT add any sealer or refrigerant containing sealer. And do not blindly add R134a, "thinking" that it's low.

4. I suggest an AC specialty shop or an independent local ASE-certified mechanic since your post indicates that you are not that experienced in AC.
I have determined that there is no power going to the ac compressor, I pulled the single gray wire loose at the compressor and started the car with the ac on and no juice. Relay ain’t even clicking when u turn on the ac. I’m stumped, I have traced the wire as far as I could but can’t find anything that would be wrong
Would the blend door actuators cause this as when I turn on the ac sometimes I hear some clicking going on under the dash
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