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This morning I took all of my wheels off to paint my brake calipers red. (because I am a ricer)

I noticed that on the bottom of the passenger rear strut there is a plastic part that was NOT on the other side. I could easily pop it off. It looked like something that would be put on for shipping that should have been taken off during vehicle prep. And it confused me that it wasn't on both sides. So I snapped a photo with my phone.

I had to pick up some dry cleaning and my dealer is about a hundred yards down the road so I took the photo of the part and popped in to ask them what it is. The (very young) service tech. looked at it and wasn't really sure what it was so he took my phone and brought it to one of his mechanics. The mechanic said that they are seeing it on some cars and thinks that it has something to do with sound abatement. I was confused why it wouldn't be on both sides and they didn't know.

Sooooo here is the photo, all guesses and theories are welcome! :)

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