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Millenia S owners! asking what pins their OBD II connector have.

In this picture, you can see 4 metall pins in the obd II port, the 2 in the middle are ground, the one in the corner is +12V, and the last is Data Link.
Please tell me what year your Millie S is, and where the Data Link pin is located, Thank you.

A picture of the OBD II port and it's pins named:

WHY am i asking this?
i have a 2001 Millenia S that i cannot read(tried 4 separate readers), no reader can connect to it, however if i do replace the PCM (ecu) with one from a non supercharched millenia, i CAN connect and read it (obviously there's nothing to read and the car wont start).

And does anyone know what Protocol the 2001 Millenia S is supposed to read?, as i have seen some differant answers.
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