Hey Mazda peeps!

Parts needed: All for Mazda G6 2.6l engine out of a 1992 Mazda 4x4 Pickup.

  1. Camshaft: Mazda Part G601-12-420 (qty 1)
  2. Cam Follower: G601-12-130B (qty 2)
  3. Cam Follower: G601-12-150B (qty 2)

I would willing to buy the entire camshaft follower assembly to simplify things with the Cam. I do NOT need a hole head. I have a nice remanufactured one but just found out my camshaft is flattened and at least 4 of my followers have deep grooves. Bummer for me! I am willing to pay shipping to VA 23452 (obviously.)

Let me know what you got!

Thanks all!