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Build Thread - B2600i 4x4

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So I have tons a question so I figure I will just post a "build-thread" cuz thats what you do when you buy a new car.
Bought a '92 B2600i 4x4 with a blown head gasket for only $500. It is definitely a rough truck, but even with the blown head gasket, it started right up and all the important stuff "worked." It is going to be my son's first car and we are rebuilding together as a practice platform for him and because I love these old 80s/90s gen trucks.

So we pulled the motor and I tore it down. I had the Head checked and it is definitely bad. So I have a reman ordered from CCH down in Florida.
This is my first engine rebuild although I have watched lots and lots of videos, read countless forums over the years (Im and Aircooled VW guy), and I know doing is a lot different than watching.

My question is for all the Engine builders out there regarding your experiences on these 2.6L motors....

Should I replace the clutch since I have everything out, even though the P.O. supposedly had just done it? (its looks newish)
Should I have the flywheel checked, honed, replaced etc?
What are you suggestions for the block, Pistons, crank etc? My plan is to take the Crank, Block and Pistons to my local Machine Shop and have the cylinders honed and have the crank checked. I did a plastiguage of the rings and its actually within tolerance so I assume that I can just order new bearings and I don't need to bore and move to and undersize set of bearings?
Are the Piston bolts, crank bearing bolts, headbolts, etc on this motor all "Torque to Yield" like some of the newer motors etc. or can I reuse them?
Suggestions on brands for gaskets, rings, etc.
I assume my bearings are NO good and need replacement. (see pics)
I assume my cylinders could use a light hone but don't look too bad? (see pics)

I know thats a lot of questions but Im just trying to get a good plan going so I can get this thing built and put back together. Im tired of my son borrowing my truck... lol

Thanks everyone!


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Ok team, got some progress. Not much, but its going.

Got the cam followers assembled using the good ones that AB Earl sent me. Thanks Cliff!

All mounted and torqued down. Also replaced some of the stretched oil pump/timing cover bolts.

Cam followers assembled.
Automotive tire Bicycle part Sports equipment Gas Groupset

Overhead of the Rockers/Cam followers torqued down.
Automotive tire Vehicle Gas Bumper Engineering

Timing gear on.
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Looking good!
Get some assembly lube on the chains if you haven't already, and turn the engine over by hand, at least 2 full revolutions, with the spark plugs removed so you have no compression to fight verify that you have no interference with the pistons and the valves. If you have any point in which the engine is "hitting" anything.....STOP!

I doubt that you will have an issue though.......from the previous pictures, all has been looking correct. Great job so far!

IMPORTANT: Once you rotate your engine, the cam gear mark will NOT line up with the different colored timing chain LINK, at the 3:00 o'clock position again!! It takes a whole bunch of revolutions for that to align perfectly again! Do not worry about this! It is supposed to be that way! it is because of the timing chain length, that the colored links do not all align back as they were, before you rotate the engine.......the colored links are only there to help you align everything up initially, and if you did, you won't have any piston to valve clearance issues.

Also, I looked over the weekend......all I have are fubared 2.6 engine fans!
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Thanks my friend for looking for the fans. As for initial rotation. yeah, I plan on doing that tonight. I am going to finish assembly and get the distributor in then check rotation for interference.

For now, I will just have to buy a fan and clutch assembly from the parts store. They're not too bad. But do you know if i need clockwise or counterclockwise? or does it really matter?

This is for and 87-88. Did the fan change between the 2 motors? Carb to FI?
So disregard that. I found the direct replacement from for the fan blade but I definitely want an aftermarket clutch. wants $251 for fan clutch!!!! DAMN!!!

So I really just need to know clockwise or counterclockwise and how special are these clutches really? Anyone?

Thanks y'all!
Yep, don't buy a new Mazda fan clutch.......look for a Hayden aftermarket fan clutch from RockAuto or Amazon maybe.
The factory fan will require being bolted to a fan clutch, so I would keep that as it was designed if it were me. You may be able to find an aftermarket regular fixed engine fan, but it will be noisy I'm sure........or you can always go electric, but make sure you get enough cooling from it, after rebuilding your engine and all!
Good info, thanks A.B. Earl. I do not want to run a direct fan without a clutch and I don't want to run an electric. So I will look for a Hayden clutch. I got a line on the O.G. Mazda fan that isn't too expensive and the housing... I'll go aftermarket for the clutch.

Much appreciated!
For 2 bucks cheaper, I think I would try the heavy duty "U.S. Motorworks" fan clutch on appears to be the fan clutch for the auto trans trucks, which had a "thicker" fan clutch on them. I may order one myself, just to see how it works on my auto trans B2600i 2WD truck.
Also, if you look at the RA pics of the US Motorworks clutch, and the $12 more "GPD"'s the same exact picture of the two of them! The only difference is that the GPD clutch pic has a "GPD" background in it.
Thank for all the good info. Unfortunately I already ordered the clutch and it was delivered. I will see if they fit and go from there.

As for the shroud, I was only able to order the Top shroud and Im not sure if it was for a 4x2 or 4x4... So if you find one in your stuff, Ill take it.

Thanks AB Earl!
Oh My Goodness, I am so behind on this build. I have been slammed at work but finally getting a chance to get back into it this weekend.

AB Earl, I got the top only. So I will get everything mounted and installed in the truck and then I'll just see where Im at. Im pretty sure I will need to get the bottom half, but I can make that decision later.

The cover does not have a "4x4" stamped on it so we'll see if it even fits.

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