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retrofitting the cabin filter into 1999 Millenia completed.
Over the weekend I performed the retrofit cabin filter set-up to my 1999 Millenia. It went very well and very quickly! I also found that the filters cross reference to numerous suppliers and part numbers, so I thought that I would share this info for anyone who might be interested. I found the best prices by plugging in the part numbers into Amazon & RockAuto:
ATP RA-110 (is the only carbon activated premium cabin filter)
ATP CF-139
Ecogard XC35550
Pentius PHB5550
Denso 453-4018
NPN W01331757375NPN
WIX 24487
Beck Arnley 042-2061
Hastings AFC1369
Bosch P3737, P3737WS, F00E369782
GKI CF 1091
Purolator C35550
Valvoline C35550
Auto Extra 61624487
Parts Plus CAF5550, PC5550
FVP F4487
Baldwin PA4406, PA4406KIT
Microgard 3908
Grainger 5ECX9
Mighty CAF2079
Parts Master 94487

Some of these may only come in a 1 pack vs. a 2 pack so ask questions to make sure you are getting the 2 pack for the price you are quoted. Good Luck!
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