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As an impoverished Floridan, I built my 1997 626 from junk and a prayer in summer 2004. It has run well for many years, but has become obsolete.
A self made Polack who knew of poverty in Cleveland, Ohio, I had to fix many things, and car.
A sleeper to me would be a 626 with a modified IRS from a late model Thunderbird, and similarly the front McPherson suspension. Thusly a Lexus V8 would fit handily, and I get an incredible challenge. Presently, I have a spare Toyota 5VZE engine to flesh it out.
I also build these Toyota mud trucks in Central Florida and yes, wiring harness and CANBUS are chores. But you can work wonders with Ardinio mods and interfaces.
Thanks for allowing me to express myself here. And I would be grateful for constructive criticism.
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