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Hey Guys,

So I have a 2006 Mazda 6 Luxury sports automatic. GG 2.3L L3 Engine. The engine recently had issues so I replaced it with a second hand one from a wreckers. The second hand engine was also from a 2006 Auto and was a L3 engine.

After completing the install we we having issues with the starter motor not disengaging. We tested the solenoid, ignition and starter operation. All seemed fine however we opted to try another starter to see if this was the issue. Same problem was occurring with the teeth still grinding on the flywheel.

After further investigation we took measurements from the engine housing the the face of the flywheel. Surprisingly we noticed 6mm difference between the two engines. The old blown motor was 6mm further spaced out towards the gearbox. Which now leads us to believe that the issue may be that the starter retracting but due to this 6mm difference this could be the problem.

Any ideas on why this is the case? We are scratching our heads. The second hand starter was from the same wreckers we got the engine and we were assured it’s from the same engine they took out.
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