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Wassup everyone , im a newbie to this site but plz believe this milly owner has been getting alot of good info for awhile from this site. so i figured i would donate a lil info to all.

If anyone is in need of a left hand fog light for your milly mazmart has 1 left for $225 . now i know this may seem a bit expensive but down here in miami they want $476 for it . now i do need this light my self , but due to a severe problem called Being Broke at the time i cant get it . as per Mazmart they usually get atleast 5 a month . so if you need 1 give them a call . there # is on there web site at

Hope this help any and all of my fellow milly brothers and sisters.....

If my 97 milly had a 5 speed manual transmission i would be in heaven . if it was able to beat that damn honda S2000 i would die a happy man , yet i still try .. later all
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