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I called my Mazda dealer to make an appt. for the free service maintainence (which consisted of an oil change, tire rotation March on my: 2016 Toyota Rav4 (the vehicle l bought from the Mazda dealer which came with the free 3 year service deal) .
The service advisor said l should pay an extra $200 for a more detailed check of my brakes.We both agreed the installed NAPA brakes weren't that great.
But l feel the advertised free maintainence deal sounds misleading when you have to pay out of pocket for a better brake service.
Knowing the brakes aren't the best quality,l wonder if l should pay the extra for the "better brake service" but ask for free Toyota front pads?
My deal is broken down into service months and vague maintainence performed.Should l have asked for more details about the service when l bought the car?
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