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Free stuck oil ring, maybe found something??

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This is on a 2005 b2300 DOHC.
I've got the original engine in pieces in shop for a total rebuild, ( this is my LAST engine rebuild, hoping my LAST truck! I'm retired and running out of steam for this kinda shit)!!!!!
I tried to get away with a used motor installed in truck I got on line, but, THAT motor uses MORE oil than my engine with 154,000!
Ripped off an pissed! That's another story!
I was screwing @ with the pistons on the bench, seeing just might free those stuck oil scrapper rings.
First try was gasoline and auto trans fluid,( 50-50 mix).
Not too good.....
Next, pored some Mineral Spirits on rings.
Worked ring back n forth, got some movement!
Took a pick and spun them.
This FREED them up!!!!!
I'm gonna pull spark plugs and fill cylinder, let it sit over night, turn motor by hand, repeat for a few days on the shit motor that's currently in the truck.
I dunno if they will free them up in the cylinder, but, I've got nothing to loose!!!!
It's also, " pinging", to beat the band on acceleration, but that might be the EGR oil carbon stuck closed?
Do a oil change,( I'm running 10-40 oil in engine now) and see what happens.
It just might free them up a bit, slowing down the oil burning.
I'm waiting on quite a few parts, as well as new pistons and rings, going to have head reconditioned as well, so I have maybe a month before the engine is ready.
I'll keep you posted on results!
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I bought my truck with 125k miles on it. It smoked and used a quart of oil per 500 miles. Took the engine apart, replaced pistons and rings, polished crankshaft journals and honed cylinders. Oil consumption dropped 1 oz per 500 miles. To prevent this to happen again, I am changing oil every 3k miles, use conventional oil if available. It is pretty dark even @ 3k miles but I don't drive a lot and was almost 2 years between oil changes.
Yes, replacing the rings with new ones will restore the oil control past the pistons. You don't have to replace the pistons though.......if they are in good shape. You want to look for excessive scuffing and/or vertical scoring along the piston skirts.......if this is not an issue with your stock pistons, then I would clean them good, and re-use them.......they are a superior product actually, than most of the aftermarket pistons. I have rebuilt plenty of these engines, and most of the times have done exactly that, and they are still running strong, without any oil use to speak of. I drive this one every day, nearly!

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Here is what the stock pistons looked like after cleaning them......before the new rings were installed of course!

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Notice the picture date......I have not touched this engine since rebuilding it, except when it needed a new head gasket when my son overheated the engine, due to lost coolant from a bad radiator cap that was not allowing the coolant to be sucked back into the radiator from the overflow canister, as the engine cools back it is designed to do. He would never check fluid levels......probably still doesn't! Eventually the coolant level in the radiator got too low, and the engine overheated......I installed a rebuilt cylinder head also.

This was the worst piston skirt when rebuilding the was scuffed in one area, and had one score line, but I decided to use it anyway, and now 12 years and over 70,000 miles later, I'm glad I did!

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The night I dropped her in the truck! Saturday June 11th, 2011.......

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Axel, your truck looks great.
I replaced the pistons because the ring groove width was out of spec. I didn't want to take chances. I read somewhere that long stroke engines as the F2 is, will foul engine oil sooner, due to higher piston speeds. So regular oil changes are essential.
After being sold and bought is what she looks like now-a-days......

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My pistons in my '05 has a black coating on the skirts.
The coating on the pistons were scuffed off at the tiny skirts, so, the piston had some," rattling @",.
Figured if I was going through all the hassle of a comp!ete rebuild, might as well replace the pistons.
Bore was perfect, broke the glaze, waiting on head and new pistons.
On the oil guzzler in the truck, today is 1st day of experiment.
4 oz of mineral spirits in at noon.
I spun the engine a few revolution @ 6 pm, another 4 oz of mineral spirits.
I think 2 days of this, dump oil and see how engine reacts!
Just an update.
Its been like 200-300 miles, ( don't really drive it a great deal, or far).
Oil still full, ( conventional, 10-40), and after soaking cylinders and rings in mineral spirits for a few days, the oil usage is down.
Oil isn't as black as before either.
The longing is still there, ( might be clogged egr, although you think the, " knock sensor" would have backed off timing?? The new moor is almost done, so once rebuilt is in and running, may rip this down and see if egr was clogged, oil rings did in face free up!
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