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Hello to everyone, just wanted to say hi as I just signed up.

Mazda owner - check

Zero car fixing experience - check

Zero paint or vinyl wrap experience - dubble check

Got two faily good hand and will power to redo f**k-up's - check

Look at YouTube DIY kinda guy - check

So the plan is to turn this old, awesome 93' Mazda 626 into the ultimate fishmobil. (No it will not get 4WD, amphibian or become submersible - Sorry, but not that ultimate) Well I guess all cars can be submerged:biggrin:

As i mention I have no experience in anything car related, besides driving from A to B, change tires or do a oil change. But I love learning new stuff, so this is a fun challenge and im sure both google and youtube can help out a lot. If not, I am sure this is the place where I can find a mazda geek who know what I don't and willing to help out!

The budget: As low as possible - But done right. It's not cheaper, if you have to redo a shitty job.

Im sure this will be a fun ride

Pali Fisher


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