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Hello everyone,

I am joining the Forum in hopes of interacting with anyone who has or is having issues with the EGR valve and related parts. My 2002 Millenia is approaching 100K miles, runs like a top, getting almost 24 mpg on regular gas, not using a single drop of Castrol GTX high mileage full synthetic oil each month. Bottom line is that this is a great car. When I bought it last year in May from Carmax as a wholesale vehicle we had a very thorough examination and subsequent work on the emissions system, including a new EGR valve, several vacuum hoses, and a "deep dive" into the innards of the engine where another hose was found to be cracked, all to get the check light to stay off. In December 2018 it came back on. After some research on this site, I disconnected the ground on the battery, stepped on the brake pedal, and the light went off and stayed off, until March (about 2000 miles later). It stayed off for about 5 weeks, I reset it, and it has come back on again after two weeks. A trip to Autozone for a code check produced the EGR code. But the part is nearly new, so does anyone know what might be causing the light to come on??? I am not having any rough idle, unusual fuel smells, etc. Am looking forward to feedback and advice before I take it back in. Also, what if I just ran it with the light on if there aren't any symptoms?


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