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2017 Mazda3, 6 speed, leather, etc, etc
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I'm new to this forum, but not to Mazda.
My first Mazda was a 2010 6 speed Sport. After a cold shifting problem was sorted out under warranty the car was trouble free - just the usual maintenance - new battery, etc. In 2016 the car was wrecked by a young idiot in Naperville, Il; it had about 92K miles, on the original pads and rotors. I decided to buy another Mazda, since the 2020 was so much fun to drive and had given such good service.
So I bought a 2017 under the program offering 5 years payment plan with no interest! Wonderful!
My 2017 Mazda 6 speed now has 55K miles. It needed new rear pads and rotors at about 30K miles. Just now I find that in needs new front rotors and pads! The rotors are warped beyond merely refacing. Anyone else have a similar experience? Is this a design/engineering flaw, or a parts quality problem?
I don't think its my driving habits. My 96 Ford Contour SE, V-6 and 5 speed didn't need brake work until about 102K miles. While my VW Rabbit needed front pads at about 18K, I had been carrying my best friend's motor paper route (lots of stop and go!) while he was hospitalized, after that the brakes were fine until about 100K.
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