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Had to happen again someday: clutch master cylinder went out on my 1988 B2200

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Well, today in routine "check oil, check fluids" on my 1988 B2200, noticed that the level of fluid in the clutch master cylinder level was way low, below the lower line. I hadn't experienced any clutch issues, check everything for external leaks and saw none, even pulled back the slave cylinder boot to check for leakage there. So I suspected the rear seal of the clutch master, leaking into the truck. Yep. I had a RockAuto closeout clutch master on-hand, so installed that after bench-bleeding it. The recess on each was 21.5mm deep, so no clutch pushrod adjustment was necessary. Now someday I get to see if Advance Auto will honor the lifetime warranty on both clutch cylinders; I have cores, last time I changed out either was in 2008.
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Exactly why I deal with! And I just make sure that I have plenty of parts on hand, or rather in my Garage, so that I know I can install them on MY schedule. It also helps to have a couple of these trucks, tagged & insured, so if one is out of commission, I can just jump in the other one......or two!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts