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I have a Mazda 5, 2006 2L Diesel.
It has a problem. First of all it runs nice, starts every time, BUT every now and then it totally cuts out. (OFTEN) Keep foot on accelerator and as the revs drop to about a 1000 it starts running again. When it cuts out just change up or down a gear it starts straight away. If you stay in low revs you can drive around all day. There are no error codes for this, and the lights on the dash dont go out. Its as if someone turns the fuel off. Really strange. Without an error code i dont know where to start looking. I put a new fuel filter on and it made no difference.
Bit more history... before i noticed this cutting out... (i dont drive the car its my gfs)... the alternator died, pulley came off and jammed against sub frame. Anyhow, fitted new alternator and fired it up, all ok when i noticed this cutting out business. Now the car is driven by my partner so im not sure if this has been occurring for some time and she hasnt noticed for what ever reason. But i reckon she would have noticed. So im presuming it didnt happen before the alternator died. Since then, ive checked the cam belt, it was one tooth out, corrected that. Still fires up OK but again, drive it and it goes good but then cuts out, doesnt switch off its more like someone turned the fuel off if that was possible. As i say, let the revs drop down or simply change gear and away you go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as im scratching my head now.
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