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It’s not a secret that automotive parts wear out as well as collisions happen. You never know what’s right around the corner, so it’s always a good idea to have someone in mind to provide you with high-quality body parts for your Mazda 3. Truck&Gear is that someone you can always rely on when you’re in need of Mazda 3 auto body parts at fair and competitive prices.

Truck&Gear’s Mazda 3 body parts catalog:

  • replacement grilles
  • replacement fenders
  • chassis frame parts
  • header panels
  • replacement bumpers
  • car hoods
  • factory quarter panels
  • floor pans and rocker panels
  • window components

Along with replacement body parts we provide a vast selection of custom products:

  • custom hoods
  • custom body kits
  • mirrors
  • custom bumper covers
  • spoilers
  • chrome trim
OEM replacement vs aftermarket parts
When shopping around for automotive body parts, you might have heard terms like OEM replacement, aftermarket, replicas, genuine parts, etc. Many people think they refer to the same original equipment parts, but, in fact, they do not. Thus, original equipment replacement parts are the ones fabricated by the manufacturer of your vehicle or the parts the manufacturer used when assembling your car. All other parts are aftermarket replicas, which means they are made to suit OE specifications but are built by a different manufacturer. Both replicas and OEM replacement parts look alike; however, original equipment parts usually surpass aftermarket ones in quality and longevity. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are more affordable, so they are a way to go when finances are tight.

Whether you’re looking for OEM replacement, aftermarket, or custom body parts, Truck&Gear has you covered with first-class products at affordable prices. Visit our website to find hundreds of parts and accessories for your pride and joy.
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