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Every supercar enthusiast recognizes the Mazda Furai as a work of art that was taken too soon. On the 27th of December, 2007, the idea for this beauty was unveiled. The teaser photos piqued the attention of the media and car magazines.

Despite the fact that it was produced and designed by Mazda, the design was done by a different company. Swift Engineering, an American engineering firm that creates intelligent systems, was responsible for this. The word "Furai" means "the sound of the wind." This was the fifth and final car in Mazda's Nagare model, which the company began in 2006.

The Mazda Furai has been boosted in terms of strength, pace, and other features that scream luxury and efficiency. It was a two-door coupe built on the Courage Competition's C65 Le Mans Prototype chassis. It was designed to accept E100 Ethanol fuel.
So, why did it fail?

Top Gear magazine was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to photograph the Mazda Furai in action. Unfortunately, the Mazda Furai said goodbye to the prospect of being released to the public on the same day.
According to them, it happened on August 19, 2008, in Bentwater Parks, when the photographers were waiting for the final shot they needed.

The Furai made a lot of noise as Mark Ticehurst (driver) drove on the specially prepared racetrack for this very special event. A Top Gear photographer found the central cones spat out blue flames when shooting before the disaster occurred.
As the Furai speeds away from the support crew and fire squad, the photographers realize that something has gone wrong. Ticehurst shifts down a gear. The Furai's tone abruptly disappears and transforms into a noise.

The photographers then noticed a small fire at the base of the Furai's bulkhead within the engine compartment. Even when it was engulfed in flames, the Furai continued to move quickly, but the photographers were able to catch up with the driver using the people-carrier. They were able to alert Ticehurst, who jumped out of the burning car.

If you have any further information about this incident, comment below for everyone to discuss :D:D
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