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I still have to add a 'links' section, some other things, but for the most part... the site is complete!

I'll soon be putting up a feature car, something I'd like to do once a month or so, we are also making way for our first project car (thanks to Brian aka TheNineMilly) for that.

What else... sponsors are in order to talk about. In the past day, this site has gained about 35 members. As word spreads, the site will get bigger and bigger, and I think it's early to worry about the costs of running it... but at some point it will get high, especially with this growth rate.

So if anybody knows a Mazda dealer, part company, whatever... that would like to sponsor our site (in exchange for banner advertisments and such), please let them give me an email.

Lastly, I need your feedback on the site.. the new forums I installed, any problems you may have, etc.. I just want this to be the one-stop-shop for all things Mazda, and hopefully we will be able to pull that off.

Thanks for your continued support!
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