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The latest edition of Mazda’s internal magazine, Zoom-Zoom, may hint at the arrival of a Hydrogen-powered rotary engine sportscar from the Japanese automaker.

In an article marking the 50th anniversary of the rotary-powered Cosmo Sport, Mazda explained that the rotary engine’s biggest drawback is poor fuel economy and emissions. A rotary engine has plenty of positives, however, including its compact size, and smooth, free-revving nature, so it’s easy to see why Mazda is reluctant to kill it off.

The key to the rotary engine’s future may be hydrogen. Mazda says rotary engines 'can run superbly on hydrogen,' and because the only byproduct of combusting hydrogen is water vapor, emissions levels wouldn’t be a worry.
Read more about the Internal Mazda Magazine Hints At Hydrogen-Powered Rotary Engine at
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