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CX-9 2013 model.

The other day the car suddenly acted strange and wouldn't start. There was a loud audible clicking and the dashboard instruments all went crazy.

Battery 100% not dead as all electricals worked fine and i drove it for about 30 mins just prior (and it started just fine that time). However I do know the battery is quite a few years old but its never gone dead since i purchased the car 3 years ago. Video of this here

I inspected the battery and there was corrosion on the negative terminal. Washed it of with some water but still wouldn't start. Took the lead of the terminals and found on the inside of the connection to the negative terminal hard built up green corrosion. I scraped it off and cleaned it up. Car started first try.

I suspect then due to the hard build up pf corrosion on the inside of the negative terminal connector it was just not enough power getting through to turn the car over but enough to run electricals. Would this be a correct guess or possibly something else?
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