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Hey everyone,

After going to a dozen shops and always leaving with the same issue of a very pronounced rattle in idle, finally had Suzu in for an oil change at the newest shop, recommended to me by a friend. They finished the oil and another minor repair in two hours, and when they called me back said "You know your car rattles really bad, right?" "Well yeah, the heat shield is loose, right?" "No, your exhaust is falling off."

Picked her up and she runs and drives like a dream now that the exhaust is actually exhausting again, never fails to amaze me it took four different shops to fix this problem...even when I mentioned it.

For any of you in the bay area, El Cerrito Tires & Autobody is a great shop, and will forever be my place to go when my little Suzu needs if only I could fix the paint.

Thank you!
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