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I recently scored a nice connect to get HID's for a very good price. Although it is from an off brand HID company from china, they have 4300k, 6000k and 8000k kits (which you wouldnt prolly want) for a special group buy price of $245. It is a very good oppurtuniy for those looking for an affordable set of HID's or those who are on a budget and can't spend 500 on philips HID kits.

1-2 kits - 250

3-7 kits - 245

8+ kits - 240

All of these prices will include shipping

let me know if there is any interest from those on this site.

They have all bulb types.

Please tell friends that may be interested also as i am trying to get this done within the next month or so.

please contact me with any questions, by email, [email protected], PM, or by phone, 646-996-0700

-Chris aka clue

By the way i will be meeting with my new supplier on Friday to see that the good are to my liking.
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