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Hello all. I have 3 Mazda's - 1) 2016 Mazda 3 w/ HID Xenon AFL lighting, 2) 2015 Mazda CX5 w/ Halagon, 3) 2018 Mazda CX5 w/ LED lighting. My issue is the 2016 Mazda 3 w/ HID Xenon AFL does not seem to be level set correctly on headlights. The illumination downroad at night is not as good as I expected with Xenon HID lighting. I just bought the car used 1 week ago. I read somewhere to measure the headlamp projection height on garage door 25 feet away. The attached jpg shows the results of all 3 vehicles w/ projection light measures of each headlamp on the garage door.

You can see from results the Mazda 3 left side is significantly below the measured height of the center point of headlamp above ground. the 2 CX5's are showing light project measurements above the center point of each headlamp.

Question: What is the recommended setpoint adjustment for Xenon HID lights for this setup? I am measuring light projection on garage door on the top of most intense light projection. I am measuring the position height of headlamp on vehicles at marked center point of headlamp from the ground.

Should both left and right headlamps be set at same heights? What is the recommended projection height of each lighting type (HID Xenon, Halogen, LED) relative to this measured center point on the lamp? Do the images shown in the attached jpg show any other issues?

My assumption is the HID Xenon lights are out of alignment. My thought is the left at least needs to match the right which will resolve the dark spot on road I see now on left out 100ft. My second thought is both HID Xenon lights on Mazda 3 need to be raised slightly to at least match the + delta observed on my LED CX5. I understand the absolute height projection of the Mazda 3 will be lower than the CX5 due to lower heights of the Mazda 3 vehicle. But, the Delta from lamp center point on Mazda 3 HID Xenon needs to at least match the Mazda CX5 LED setup.

Any comments or suggestions?? First post here...appreciate any feedback.



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