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This is a simple install that will dramically change your 3.

The kit I am offering here is for the sedan ONLY. there will be a hatch kit next month.

Avialable Colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, UV.

It comes with almost everything (you need a drill and bit) you need to install as a well as a very detailed instruction booklet. It is a very easy install that takes less than 30 min.

This kit might work with other mazdas, but I havent made install instructions for anything other than the 3.

SPECIAL OFFER Price: $35 + Shipping (most of US is $10)

I acept payment via paypal and will keep a buyers record on this thread. paypal adress - [email protected]

Please include the forum name, your forum screen name, real name, shipping address and color.

For pics, click o nthe following link to MY SITE:

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